Auto Collision 2017-12-06T20:58:10-05:00

Being a victim of an automobile accident, whether as a driver or a passenger, can be a scary and overwhelming situation. People tend to have a lot of questions:

Do I talk to the insurance company?Do I go to the emergency room? Should I hire an attorney?
Should I talk to the insurance adjuster?
Whose insurance comes first?
Why won’t the emergency room accept my health insurance?
What are my obligations to reimburse my medical insurance if I recover?

At the Cowan Law Firm we have the answers to all these questions and many more. Insurance companies will try to convince you that they are there to help when in fact claim representatives may be trying to reduce the amount of money they pay out for claims. We will carry the burden of dealing with insurance companies, medical providers and collection letters. We assist our clients with their property damage claims for no additional fees. In our personal injury cases, we do not receive a fee unless we recover for the client.