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An Auto Accident Injury is NOT Something To Navigate Alone – Can We Be In Your Corner?

Injured due to someone else’s negligence?

You can seek compensation for your medical treatment and any personal losses that occur.





“Wonderful law firm with understanding and hard-working lawyers always having your best interest in mind. I highly recommend Rob Cowan and his firm for all your legal representation needs.”


I am an attorney in Alabama, licensed in Georgia. Having known Rob for approximately 33 years, I can state, without hesitation, that there would not be a more compassionate and hard working, knowledgeable attorney on your side.

5 Things You Should ALWAYS Do After a Car Accident

  • 1) Call The Police ASAP
    Having an accident report and someone to investigate the cause of the collision gives your claim instant credibility. If it takes an hour more of your time it will be worth the avoided head ache down the road.

  • 2) Get IMMEDIATE Medical Treatment.
    When we are involved in any incident like a car wreck, our adrenaline shoots through our veins – part of our animal “fight or flight” response. Sometimes it is only after you calm down when you realize you were actually injured in the collision. So it is important to seek immediate medical treatment even if it is the next day (family doctor/walk in clinic). Tell the doctor everything that hurts or doesn’t move normally.

  • 3) Use YOUR Health Insurance
    Lots of providers will try to refuse because you were involved in a car wreck. They are trained to do so. If they avoid using your insurance, you are ultimately responsible for your medical bills – at a higher rate than your health insurance pays. Insist that they take your health insurance.
  • 4) Call YOUR Insurance Company
    Sometimes, they will help get you into a rental car, depending on your coverage. They can also help communicate with the at fault driver’s insurance company when they won’t. BUT DON’T TRUST THEM – hire an attorney who will help you recover compensation.
  • 5) Call An Attorney
    The insurance adjuster is busting at the seems to act like your best friend, waiting to tell you that the money is offers is reasonable. Their job is to pay you as little as possible. When you hire the right attorney, they will fight to maximize your compensation and help relieve you of the burden of dealing with all of the hassle that goes along with a personal injury claim. At the Cowan Law Firm, you won’t pay us anything unless we actually recover compensation for you.
  • 6) ALWAYS Follow Doctors Orders
    Follow up with medical treatment as recommended. One of the worst things you can do is try to tough it out and not seek medical treatment. An insurance company, judge or jury doesn’t know how tough you are or the fact that you feel the need to work, do yard work, etc. instead of following the doctor’s instructions. Compliance is very important.

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