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Rob Cowan

Managing Partner

Rob began his legal career representing insurance companies but realized it was people, not insurance companies, he most wanted to help. After practicing and becoming a partner at Kinney, Kemp, Sponcler, Joiner & Tharpe until 2001, he established Cowan, Plumley and Bucci, LLC, and maintained two offices in North Georgia until 2003. Rob then established The Cowan Law Firm in early 2003 in Dalton, GA where he focuses on personal injury and wrongful death claims, family law, business and contract disputes, and mediation and arbitration.

Personal attention and accessibility sets Rob Cowan apart from other attorneys. When you enter The Cowan Law Firm, the first door you’ll see is the one for Rob’s own office and on any given day you’ll find it open. He doesn’t hide from his clients. Instead, he invites them in. A number of attorneys barely explain or communicate with their clients, leaving the client barely aware of the legal issues in the case and what they can expect moving forward. Rob makes sure that each client knows and understands the complexities of their case, their role as a litigant, and the need to be well prepared so the client’s expectations can be achieved.

Rob understands that you are not just a case or claim. He learns about each of his clients, their lives and businesses. It’s in these other details that he finds important factors and pieces of the puzzle that may also be affected by the main problem being presented. Whether helping clients in a wrongful death case, personal injury or family law matter, or business dispute, Rob enjoys helping people find relief from the problem they’re facing.

Other attorneys look to Rob to help them with their clients and cases. So much so that they have come to him to help solve disputes through mediation. Rob regularly conducts over 100 mediations a year, most to a successful settlement.

Rob lives in Dalton, GA with his wonderful wife and two kids. He values his community and was the recipient of the Justice Robert Benham Award for Community Service in 2006. An avid runner having completed several marathons, he shares his love for running by volunteering at a local elementary school where the running club he started has grown from 20 to 80 students in just a few years. He has served as chairman of the Whitfield County Hospital Authority, The Northwest Georgia Regional Library Board, The Creative Arts Guild, and many more organizations.