Legitimations are often necessary to provide parents with child custody and visitation rights in addition to child support regulations. Determining the identity of a child’s father and what his role in the child’s life will be not only establishes these rights, it also benefits the child in a number of ways. For starters, the child’s knowledge of who their parents are is a comfort even if they are not present in their life. Beyond that, the child is also able to gain access to a support system that will provide them with funding for education, food, and clothing.

The Cowan Law Firm handles legitimation claims primarily through pre-suit mediations, but, when necessary, also represents clients in court. We have represented both mothers and fathers attempting to obtain DNA results that establish their child’s paternity and helps both parents devise a parenting plan once the results are clear.

During pre-suit mediations he acts as a neutral third party and settles any disputes concerning a child’s paternity without the assistance of a judge. This way, parents are able to confirm the father’s identity quickly and amicably discuss the parenting plan they would like to implement.

Legitimation claims can lead to effective co-parenting, but sometimes they merely establish the identity of a child’s father and mandate specific amounts of child support. Regardless of your situation, we will ensure that the law is enforced to protect the interests of your child. We are available to answer any questions you have about legitimations and provide a free consultation at your earliest convenience. Our attorneys can be reached at 706-278-2099 or at the Cowan Law Firm’s office, located on Selvidge Street in Dalton, Georgia.