Minor Damage / Serious Injury

We are often asked if our clients really suffered serious injuries in cases where property damage, or damage to their car, is minimal. In other words, can someone’s neck or back require surgery when there is only minor damage to their car? Simply put, yes. The makeup of our vehicles has improved over the years. An impact that would once have totaled a vehicle may now only create a few hundred dollars in body work. However, insurance companies and their attorneys argue that there must be a direct correlation; if the car is not totaled, no real injury.

At the Cowan Law Firm, we handle serious injury cases with minor damage to the vehicles all the time. We have been successful in arguing before juries and judges and recovering for our clients in situations where the damage to their truck or car is minimal. We call upon experts in the field of body mechanics, orthopedics, neurologists, neurosurgeons, and engineers to assist in explaining to the jury how someone can be seriously injured with little property damage. Let us help you.